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Fill your life with fragrance

My Story

I love my house smelling great. I used to use candles to fragrance my home but I started second guessing myself on whether I had blown them out when I went to bed or left the house. It started scaring me and I found my home was going longer and longer without a great smell. When I discovered Scentsy, I was in heaven. I could have a great smell in my house 24/7 without the worry of an open flame. This past week in a small town close to Findlay, candles are suspected to be the cause of a fire that destroyed a church. In 2009, in another church, a candle was also suspected of causing heavy damage. The most recent fire has renewed my vow to get the word out on a safe way to get great fragrance in your life so that this does not happen to you in your home. I would love to discuss this great product with you, please feel free to contact me. Sincerely, Kim Davis Independent Scentsy Consultant 567-525-6273 cell